10 reasons I’m rocking motherhood.


So, I haven’t blogged in what seems like forever, I’ve been super duper busy with cold after sickness bug after flu after sickness bug after cold after norovirus and a touch of the terrible two’s. Lily, not me. I wanted my first post of the new year to be a positive, uplifting one, I was browsing through my feed and came across the #RockingMotherhood tag that begun with Patricia over at White Camellias

We’re all aware of the mums who make parenting look like a walk in the park, who have their shit together, who actually find the time to fix their hair and make-up in a morning whilst their perfectly well behaved children give them zero hassle. Where as me, I actually like to hear about the struggles other mums have, it reminds me that I’m not alone when Lily throws a monster strop, that she’s not the only child that will smack me in frustration, scream and false cry when I say ‘no’ and that she’s not actually behind in her development when you read a post about the mum who’s child has potty trained way earlier than your child did, or a post about the child who can count to 20 when your child can only count to 10. Do me a favour. I remember reading a post once from Emilyandthegirlsx about her little girl having a tantrum and I was over the moon to read something like that, I could have jumped for joy (sorry Emily!) not at the struggle Emily had that day, but because someone else had the balls to post something that didn’t just portray parenting and their children as a doddle, praise the lord for the likes of Emily and little E. Living with anxiety means I can get so caught up in those sort of posts, especially with Lily being premature, I worry a lot about her keeping up with others her age, and I get anxious over me being the best mummy I can be. That’s why I’m glad I came across #RockingMotherhood, it’s given me the opportunity to think about the finer details of parenting and mine and Lily’s relationship, and I think that’s how it should be. We all need to give ourselves credit sometimes.

So here goes, 10 reasons why I’m rocking the ass off motherhood…

1. I’ve always taught Lily to be well mannered and kind, and that will be something that I enforce for keeps. I haven’t always been, but since becoming a parent I’m very much a ‘do something for nothing’ person and I want Lily to be the same, even to those who are nasty to her throughout life (lets not sugarcoat it – it will happen), those sorts of people often need it the most. To my credit, she’s pleasant and even shares her sweets and chocolate which is a huge deal!

2. ‘My best friend’. I’ve found the balance between being mummy first and best friend second. I’m teaching Lily to be open with me, it’s important she grows up to know that her parents won’t judge her and that she always has us to turn too, but it’s equally as important that she understands I am her mum and I will go to extreme lengths to look out for and protect her.

3. I’ve taught Lily to choose books over her iPad. She has both, and the iPad is great for postponing tantrums when we’re doing the foodshop or out for tea, and there are some great learning apps these days, but I’d much prefer to sit with Lily and read a good book to get her imagination going wild. Daddy is the main book reader in our house, Lily likes to sit next to him on the sofa and read when he gets in from work. Books aren’t just for bedtime in our house 🙂

4. I understand Lily language. Only mummy knows that “shuuush” means shoes, “tertie” means Bertie (nannys dog) and not that she’s dirty, nobody knows or understands Lily like I do, and I advocate well.

5. I’m a teacher, nurse, advocate, referee, chef, cleaner, on tap hug giver, life coach, and so many more random jobs rolled in to being a mum. I’ve learned to have the patience of a saint.

6. I’m not afraid to discipline Lily. Disciplining a child is a controversial subject, I know. I’m a firm believer that discipline is about a child learning rather than punishment. “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. – Rumi” I love that quote, I believe children learn more from their guardians actions and that includes voice raising. It’s difficult sometimes, on the really bad days where you just want to shout “stop it” for the 100th time at the top of your lungs but Lily will learn more from being put on her naughty chair with me explaining why and how what she’s done is wrong. I’m very much the strict parent where as A is the soft one.
7. Lily comes first, her wants and needs are put before mine always.
8. Lily has clung on to my hair for dear life since the day she was born, that’s her comfort despite it leaving me with real thin hair and really bad headaches day in day out, but here I am, still going strong with an (almost) two year old hanging off my hair. I’ve learned to get on with the daily tasks of life with Lily attached to either my hair, hip or legs. I’m queen of the multi-tasking! 


9. I make time for family, for us, for bonding. We lead crazy life styles where I do my own thing, A does his and Lily has her clubs, but I always make sure we have family time and that’s the best time 🙂


10. I make sure Lily knows I love her, our household doesn’t fall short on the affection front, at all. No matter what sort of day we have had I don’t go to sleep without kissing Lily goodnight and telling her that I love her more than anything in the whole wide world. Lily is my world.


So that’s just an insight as to why I know I’m rocking motherhood’s ass. I tag, Emily from Emilyandthegirlsx and Heidi from Heidieverall to do the same.


Love, Hayley!


Baby Ballet – review.

(I’ve never blogged from my iPad before but my laptop chargers broke so bare with me guys!)
I’ve had a few mums ask me about Baby Ballet since I began taking Lily so I thought I’d write a review/sing their praises as the classes are working wonders on my 19 month old. 
Baby Ballet have classes all over the place, it’s not just a local thing which is fab in itself and it’s open to boys and girls from 6 months of age. They offer a trial period (price depending on age of child, prices of different groups vary – I think!) L started her trial at exactly 18 months old so she’s in the 18m-3yr group, her trial was £15 which works out at £5 a week. If your child doesn’t want to carry on after their trial then that’s okay. I think having the trial period makes all the difference because as I’ve noticed with L it takes time to get used to a new surrounding with new faces, a bit like anything else really. 

The first week of L’s trial was as I presumed, she didn’t leave my lap once and refused all instruments and apparatus from her teacher, Miss Rachel. From the off it was clear that Miss Rachel made time for every child and their family present, she got to know L throughout the first session and reassured me that it takes time and she’ll soon come out of her shell. Lily’s second session was a little better, she was more alert and open to what was going on around her and I was able to leave her on her mat and stand back for a short time, and her third and final lesson of her trial was just amazing. It was certificate week/end of term and I wasn’t expecting L to get a certificate with her only being in her trial period but the wonderful Miss Rachel had one for her. When L was called up to collect her certificate I literally had to prize her away from Miss Rachel – she tried to sit on her lap! That speaks volumes for me as Lily’s mum because she was glued to my hip first week. On this particular week Miss Rachel put Lily in charge of holding the bag for all of the girls to put their pieces of apparatus back in, it gave L a sense of responsibility, however she had to be last to put hers in! L got up and wandered off to join in with Miss Rachel and the group. In just the trial period L’s confidence has flourished so much and I couldn’t wait to pay for the next term. 

I paid for the next term and on your first full term after the trial period you pay a one off £10 joining fee and for that you get a welcome pack, it’s the cutest. The child gets a cd with some of the ballet songs on to practice at home, lots of colouring in sheets, a membership card and lots more. I actually have to carry L’s cd in her rucksack because it gets played in the car and everywhere else possible. 
It’s a friendly, happy environment where the parents get talking as well as the kiddies. As well as it boosting L’s confidence it’s also teaching her a sense of discipline from somebody other than me and her dad, she doesn’t start nursery until next month so that was sort of important to me that she’s able to understand right from wrong in a group setting. Buying the uniform was super exciting! It’s not compulsory but it does look super cute when they’re toddling around in their little tutus. L’s favourite part of Baby Ballet is having her hand stamped by Miss Rachel at the end of every session, she likes to show her hands off to everybody! 

So yeah, that’s Lily’s Baby Ballet journey so far – bring on next term! 
H x 

My 1st football match.

IMG_252123/04/2016 Wolves v Rotherham. 0-0.



So this past weekend we took Lily to her first football match, something we’ve always planned to do and been super excited for, but also been a tad apprehensive about since her toddler tantrums have well and truly begun. Lily’s the 3rd generation on both the sides of the family to support the Wolves and as all 3 generations sit together we were all there to witness her first match, a lovely memory for everyone.


Photo 1 : 3 generations of Wall.

Photo 2 : Generation 1 & 3.

Photo 3 : Uncle Jay 🙂


Over the years I’ve seen all sorts, parents leaving at half time, children falling asleep, screaming in tears at the noise, running around, getting on peoples nerves, not even bothered about the football, so I was anxious to say the least. I had packed everything from the ipad to her maracas and lots of sweet & savoury treats to keep her quiet, but they weren’t needed…. *thanks lucky stars* we went for something to eat before the game as we usually do and Lily had a go at walking to the ground before we ended up taking it in turns to carry her. I hadn’t bothered to put her reins on her which A said was brave of me, but it paid off. The walking and fresh air must have tired Lily out because once we were in the stadium she fell asleep and missed the first 30 minutes of the football so when we woke up I was waiting for the unconsolable cry to come but it didn’t, she just turned towards the pitch and watched the football…. I couldn’t have been more proud to see her paying attention to something that has played a huge part in the life of her family for so many years (even if it is abysmal right now!).



It wasn’t her first time at the Molineux so I knew she’d know where she was. She sat in the stands watching her Uncle play for Wolves Futsal & she’s been to a couple of events there, but nothing like being surrounded by tons of people making lots of noise so that worried me a bit, I thought she’d be scared, and like most people imagine, I didn’t think she’d like it, but she’s a nosey moo, she loved people watching. Obviously there’s lots of alcohol consumed and plenty of colourful langauge used and that added to the anxiety of taking a 15 month old, but I’m so so glad I did and I cannot wait until she’s coming regularly with mum, dad and the rest of the family!


H x

Easter holiday fun.

IMG_0858Hello there 🙂 this is my first blog post from my new laptop, my other one decided to die on me mid way through studying, full of Lily’s photos from when she was born… but luckily they’ve been rescued! So now I’m playing catch up with my coursework, blogging & sorting through Lily’s photos (when I’m not contending with an early case of the terrible two’s).. I’ve got to that point where my phone is reminding me every 20 minutes that my memory is full, it got that bad that I actually deleted all of my apps ^.^ theres lots I want to blog about so I’ll start with what we got up to over the Easter holidays.


We planned to spend a lot of time over my parents as my mum had a whole two weeks Easter holiday and A only had a long weekend, but we may as well of painted a huge red cross on our front door from start to finish of the holidays, we’ve all been super sick. Luckily Easter Sunday (or most of) we were illness free and Lily Ava was able to enjoy opening her presents & cards and ate chocolate for breakfast of course! Sickness bug 1 of 2 begun Easter Sunday night, thank the heavens that A was off work on Easter Monday because I spent it with my head down the toilet…. Nice. A then came home with a cold, which of course was passed on to me & Lily… and then sickness bug 2 of 2 hit. It’s sods law that me & A actually suffered more than Lily did, her diet is so much healthier than ours though, she had lots of fruit & veg as well as daily vitamins, I’m lucky that she’d rather eat a fruit platter than chocolate, hense the fact we still have most of her Easter chocolate left!


Back to Easter Sunday – it was a lovely day! We always go to my grandparents for a huuuge sunday roast and exchange of Easter gifts. Your nans cooking is always the best isn’t it? My family always make effort to make occasions such as Easter, Birthdays & Christmases so special and I’m so thankful for that as I’ve now been able to introduce that to not only Lily but Ash too. Nothing beats a family get together with our four generations. Me & Lily had decorated her a bonnet, our first attempt at this as last Easter she was just 11 weeks old, but I need to get my practice in before the Easter bonnet competitions once she starts nursery haa! Lily will not keep anything on her head, sunglasses, bows, hats, and the bonnet was no different, but it’s now in her keepsake box ready for to look back on in years to come 🙂 After our delish sunday roast at my grandparents we went back to my parents where my mum had created an awesome egg hunt for Lily (and the adults) which ended up with Lily finding a huge wicket basket full of chocolate treats & a bunch of presents for her to open – I love being able to re live my childhood through my mini me and secretly I think my mum does too.


Illnesses & horrid bugs aside, we had a fabulous Easter… roll on next Easter when hopefully Lily will be slightly more excited by her Easter bonnet!


Hayley x




Summer ready!

Every little girl needs a pair of jellies.

 Last year Lily was only a few months old throughout the SS season so on the hottest days she was just in a vest as we didn’t really want her in direct sunlight and over heating. I still couldn’t resist buying THE cutest summer dress and jelly shoes set from NEXT. I decided to keep the jelly shoes for Lily’s keepsake box but the dress and cardy are now up for sale on my Depop shop.
Last spring and summer the prints from NEXT were huge and really popular, so I managed to find somebody on Etsy who was making bow headbands to match the prints. Here’s Lily in hers (excuse her trying to show the neighbourhood her knickers ha!)

For anyone who knows me will know how much I love NEXT and the VIP sale slot that we have each sale is a god send… It often means that Lily wears a previous seasons prints, like now we have some SS15 prints in her wardrobe but if you’re lucky enough to get a VIP slot I’d say take full advantage!! Everyone loves half price clothing but amazing quality half price clothing is even better.
Heres a few snaps of Lily wearing a couple of pieces that I absolutely adore from last seasons SS15. The green is just to die for.


These dolly shoes are another of my favourite things, if you love something so much you have to have it in every colour right?

We matched the pink shoes up with a dress that we picked up on last year’s sale. I bought a lot more dresses, shorts, and loose, floaty clothing in last year’s SS sale because we’re going to Ibiza in August so I know we’ll definitely make use of it all. I’ll be gutted when Lily outgrows this dress, I want it in adults size!! The pink shoes really give off the pink bits of the dress and I LOVE that.

I’m still undecided on some things in this year’s SS range, I can’t make my mind up on a few things but if I think something isn’t going to make the sale due to it being a popular item I’ll buy it there and then, so I’ll probably be buying a thing or two…. Or ten. I’m a firm believer that children should be dressed as children and clothes should be comfortable. I love Lily in leggings, a simple tee and some converse. She finds her converse the easiest to walk in which is brill!


CAKE SMASH! Ft New Era Photography.

Don’t deliveries just make your day so much better?
Today we’ve recieved this.

Lily Ava’s cake smash disk and a print. I’m totally obsessed.
We have used the same photographer for Lily’s cake smash as we did for her newborn photos. We had so many compliments on Lily’s newborn shoot and I just can’t get enough of the feel that Natasha at New Era gives off on her pictures. One thing I wanted in a photographer when searching for a newborn shoot was for their pictures to suit our home. I love the rustic, vintage look with dusky & pastel colours and that’s exactly what I found when looking at Natasha’s website. During Lily’s newborn shoot I was still caught up in the daze of a premature birth, as I imagine most families who experience a premature baby being born, it’s even more of a rush than usual and its a pressure to get everything sorted, so I struggle to remember Lily in her very early days and that’s why I’m super thankful for these precious photographs that we’ll have to cherish forever. Not only that, Lily is now a wreckless, cheeky, hyper little toddler who doesn’t like sitting still, so it’s nice to look back on new her newborn shoot that gives off a peaceful, angelic, innocent feel. That’s exactly what she was as a newborn >.< honestly, I can’t stress to first time parents enough how glad I am I made the decision to have a newborn shoot, and then a cake smash almost a year later…

I’ve thought about Natasha and New Era quite a bit from the newborn shoot up until the cake smash. I take my own iPhone snaps of Lily every day but I was just itching to get Lilypad back in to Natasha’s studio so once her cake smash was booked I was sooo excited! Daddy couldn’t make the cake smash shoot because of work so we took nanny along instead. It didn’t seem like almost a year since we had been in the studio, but being there sort of made me reminisce, it sort of hit me there and then that my tiny, fragile little newborn was turning 1. I was anxious about the cake smash as I knew Lily would not tolerate being put in certain positions, she was waving, talking, standing at this stage in her life but it was all on Lily’s own accord so I thought that if we can get just 1 image of Lily from this shoot then I’ll be a happy mama. Who was I kidding? This was Natasha we were talking about, she managed to tame my wild child and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome, and yet again the images were perfect for our home and we’ve had more compliments.


Seeing the growth and development in my baby girl over the first year of her life has been captured in the best and most memorable way possible and I’m super grateful. We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect photographer and I can’t wait for baby no.2 just so we can get booked in again haa. Thank you Natasha! Xx

Check her out guys :



Hospital time – again! 

So LA’s latest health issue resulted in us calling 111 who then referred us straight to our local a&e dept, immediately!

Basically our doctors surgery is overflowing with patients and it takes 7-10 days for an appointment. Crazy. I always end up phoning th NHS helpline so that we can have an appointment at our out of hours walk in centre, I’m sure those poor employees at the 111 call centre are sick of hearing my voice, they probably think I’m some sort of hypochondriac! Every time I have to stress that our doctors surgery is just too busy. However this time waiting a doctors appointment wasn’t an option, it’s pretty gross so if you can’t stomach the thought of baby poop, I’d quit reading ^.^ Ash was changing Lily’s nappy when he called me over and told me to take a look, it was covered in blood. On one occasion before when making the change from formula to cows milk Lily became that constipated I literally had to help her to poo, (the joys of mummy hood – you’ll thank me one day babes!) she had ever so tiny bits of fresh blood in her nappy but this was different, I just knew. The blood was dark and looked old, it wasn’t just in her nappy or on the outside, so I phoned 111 who told us we needed to go to a&e right away.

We had learnt from our mistake of taking a toddler to the hospital thinking we would be in and out within an hour or two, so I packed a mini over night bag just in case. Luckily it wasn’t needed this time round. I’m sure as we were walking through the over crowded a&e dept people could smell this god awful nappy that we had to keep to show the doctors, haha!
Once we were as settled as could be in the children’s waiting area of a&e I decided to let Lily loose. She walked straight over to a boy who was almost two years old, she was besotted, as was he. It was so cute to watch. Whilst these kiddies were chasing each other round, playing together, it was slightly reassuring to see that other parents aren’t perfect either. This 1 little boy had swallowed a 5p, another had climbed up on to a cupboard his parents didn’t think he could and had sprained a wrist. I was sat panicking thinking has Lily found something and swallowed it? Have I given her something wrong to eat? I just needed to chill.


We were called in to see the doctor who examined Lily’s tummy, he was making all these umming and ahhing sounds and then said ‘I’ll be back in a moment’. Of course as an anxiety sufferer my panic levels shot through the roof, so did Ash’s. If I show Ash that I’m scared or worried then that makes him worse, so I have to be the strong one, that’s just how we’ve always been and I sort of like it that way, it tests me. I thought this doctor had gone to see if there was a bed free on the children’s ward, I knew how their admitting protocol went from my admission a few weeks earlier… 20 minutes later this doctor returned and told us that Lily had torn her rectum. *sigh of relief* so he sent us on our way with a huge box of Movicol sachets. Like my child needs help to poo. On day 3 of the sachets we’ve already binned 2 shit stained vests, had poo splattered on my freshly clean bed sheets and a huge explosion in the bath tub. However, all dirty nappies since have been blood free and my little lady is as bubbly as ever.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve walked through our hospital doors already this year. Here’s to hoping we don’t have to see them again for a while.
Goodnight 🙂